Proper earthing is very important in the protection of personnel and equipment from static discharge. In general, the earth resistance is tested during the installation of electrical equipment to confirm electrical continuity to ground.

For a safe plant operation, it should be verified periodically.

The purpose of this inspection/ Monitoring was to determine the condition of the grounding system including ground rods, ground grids, and equipment bonding and building steel bonding as appropriate. This intended to assist you in reducing loss to property by bringing your attention to hazards and problems.

In periodical maintenance, Instruserv performs various tests on site as required and recommended by National & International Standards engaging well trained Technicians under the supervision and guidance of experienced Engineers.

The following areas are checked using intrinsically safe instruments.

  • Clamps equipped with flexible leads used for bonding vessels with building grounding system.
  • Condition of earthing bus bar and earthing electrode.
  • Measure earth resistance
  • Check for loose contacts and evidence of broken strands.

Laboratory and Biological Hood Verification

Laboratory and biological hoods handling hazardous chemicals or microbiological activities should be periodically verified. Instruserv performs various test on site as well as in laboratories as required and recommended by International & National standards with utilizing competent personnel

  • Air velocity
  • Smoke Pattern
  • Leak Test
  • Vibration
  • Hepa filter Integrity
  • Noise

PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is a vital part of any organization’s health and safety criteria allowing both the staff and clients to be confident that the equipment being used is not only working but also safe. This helps to ensure the equipment is functioning properly at all the times.

PAT Tester checks the condition of Earth continuity, Insulation, Polarity and Leakage current. We perform PAT tests in on site as well as in laboratories with the recommended and required International & National standards by a well-trained Technicians under supervision of experienced Engineers.


  • Power generator inspection and load testing
  • Welding Machine verification
  • Tank survey and Inspection
  • Refrigerated Truck Temperature Verification
  • Radiation Survey