Alignment Systems

Shaft Alignment

Alignment of horizontal, vertical and flange-mounted machines, coupled and uncoupled shafts:

  • Sensor with XL HD detectors and MEMS inclinometer
  • Hundreds of positions are automatically measured during shaft rotation - SWEEP.
  • Live monitoring of horizontal and vertical corrections at any angular sensor position on the shaft - Concurrent Live Move• Flip machines functionality
  • Save measurement reports as PDF onto a USB stick
  • Bluetooth module included
  • Easy to use with Auto flow
  • Automatic measurement mode Active Clock eliminates user error
  • Automatic evaluation of alignment condition with smiley

Straightness & Flatness Measurement

Measuring straightness in two dimensions:Improved machine geometry help increase product quality, machine lifecycle and reduce downtimes. Straightness is one of the most common geometric applications in industrial environments. What is right on one axis might be bent on another. To check how straight a line is, both x and y axes must be measured. With our innovative Laser Alignment System technology, you can measure both dimensions within one set of measurements and infinite line length.Straightness applications include:

  • Aligning head box lips, suction sections and roll profiles of paper machines
  • Measuring straightness of: rails, foundations of CNC machines, long machine beds
  • Checking for run out on moving slides
  • Positioning bearings and shaft supports over long runs
  • Aligning long rail and track sections, etc.
  • Level, Inclination and Plumpness Measurement
  • Flatness and level made easy with a self-leveling and spinning laser 
  • Measure flatness, straightness, parallelism, perpendicularity and level of flanges and foundations
  • Efficient and easy one-man operation with self-leveling and rotating laser
  • Laser range dia. 200 m, sensor measurement range 70 mm
  • PC software for measurement analysis and professional reporting
  • Powerful software functionalities to compare two surfaces, e.g. in a press, and to extend the measurement range for large surfaces
  • Integrated wireless communication
  • Cost-effective solution for straightness measurements:
  • Straightness results on both axes with only one measurement
  • Improvement of machine geometry
  • Easy operation
  • Bluetooth communication

Perpendicularity Measurement

Monitoring of Positional Changes 

Alignment of Bore and Bearing Shells   

Roll parallelism Measurement

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