Beam Load Cells

BBL-1 Stainless Steel Beam Load Cell

Capacity: 5 to 500 kg
Proof Load: 150% of rated load
The BBL-1 series of beam load cells have been specifically designed for use in a wide range of weighing applications including vessel weighing and floor scales. It is equally suited for use in a wide range of force measurement applications.

BF2 Stainless Steel Low Range Dual Cantilever Beam Load Cell

Capacity: 2 to 50 kg
Max. Overload Range: 200% with <±1% calibration shift
The LCM range of Pioden transducers has been widely used for many years. The BF2 offers an excellent size/performance ratio at a competitive price. The stainless steel dual cantilever design enables the rejection of off-centre forces, making it the first choice in a number of material testing and weighing applications.

MT401 Shear Beam Load Cell

Capacity: 250 to 10000kg
• Tool Steel Construction
• Water Proof
• Electroless Nickel Plated
• High Accuracy
• Simple to install
• Strain gauges triple protected

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